Frequently Asked Questions


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1 Who all can use the Jal-TARA Water Testing Kit ?  What are the requirements to conduct the test ?

Anybody with a concern for the quality of water in his or her neighborhood can use these kits.
A science background or technical information is NOT required to conduct the tests or interpret the results.

Scientists at Development Alternatives kept school children in mind while designing the kits. Hence the Jal-TARA water testing kit manual pictorially depicts in simple steps how to conduct each test. 

2 Are the Jal-TARA Water Testing Kits safe to use ?

Since Jal-TARA Water Testing Kits use only mild acids and reagents, these kits are extremely safe for use. Under the CLEAN India Programme, a large number of school children safely and effectively used these kits.

3 How accurate are the results shown in the Jal-TARA Water Testing Kits ?

The Jal-TARA Kits have been validated by a UNICEF commissioned study conducted at Sriram Institute for Industrial Research. The kits have also undergone third party validation certification independently at SGS Laboratories and TUV Laboratories.

4 Are there any provisions for providing training to use these kits ?

The Jal-TARA Water Testing Kits contain a user manual that pictorially depicts in simple steps how to conduct the tests. In case a user still wants further assistance, TARA also offers an Instructional Video which may be purchased separately.  TARA also offers the facility in which our technical team can come and visit the customer for training and demonstration purposes.

5 What is the shelf-life or the expiry date of the Jal-TARA Water Testing Kits ?

The shelf life of the chemicals and reagents used in the Jal-TARA Water Testing Kits is 1 year. For the Aquacheck Vials, provided in the kit to test for coliform, the shelf life is 2 years.

6 If the chemicals in the Jal-TARA Water Testing Kit get finished, do I need to purchase a new kit to conduct further tests ?

Each Jal-TARA Water Testing Kit contains chemicals and reagents enough to conduct 100 Tests for each parameter (except for coliform). In case the chemicals get finished, TARA offers the facility of refills as well. Here, the user may purchase just the refills of the chemicals used instead of purchasing a new kit hence saving money.

7 What are the methods for payment for the Jal-TARA Water testing kits ?

Since the Kits contain chemicals and reagents with a fixed shelf life, we manufacture these kits only on order basis. We accept only Cash of Demand Draft and start manufacturing the kit after funds have been satisfactorily transferred.

8 What is the mode of delivery of the Jal-TARA Water Testing Kit ? How long does it take to receive the kit ?

We use courier service to deliver the kits to the customer. After we have received the payment, the customer will receive the Jal-TARA Water Testing Kit within 1 week. For International orders,  time of delivery may exceed 1 week.