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Soil testing kits

We offer accurate soil testing kits for assessing the levels of impurities in soil. TARAlife Soil testing kits can be customized to fit your lab requirments, capable to perform 50+ test sampling. Effectively designed to take preventive action, in order to mitigate the impact of harmful elements.

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Water testing kits

We have a wide array of cost effective and portable water quality testing products. Designed for educational institutions, public authorities, Non-Profit organizations and Individuals to actively participate in monitoring water quality and to protect our scarce fresh water sources from further pollution.

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Jal-TARA Water filter

Our Jal-TARA Water Filter is a revolutionary approach with a modern and easy to install design, in area of water purification. It employs the cost effective Slow Sand Filtration Technique, to ensure clean and safe drinking water with preserving natural minerals.

Air testing kit

Do you suspect the quality of the air that you breathe in ? To address air quality concerns and take suggestive measures , TARAlife has designed air testing kits under the name of PawanTARA. Its meticulously designed structure enables it to test important parameters in the air viz. SPM10, NO2, SO2

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