Jal-TARA Water Filter Features


             [ Jal-TARA Filter installed at Vidya Bhawan Senior Secondary School, Udaipur ]


  •  Jal-TARA Filter assures the same level of purity as Boiled Water.
  •  Jal-TARA Filter removes:
    • 99.9% Bacteria
    • 99.9% Turbidity
    • Iron to within Permissible Limits as per Bureau of Indian standards
  •  Daily Capacity  :  2500 ~ 3000 Litres / Day which is enough for 80 – 100 households
  • Jal-TARA Water Filter is a modular unit which means they can be installed together to cater to large communities
  • Jal-TARA Water Filters DO NOT require any Electricity or Chemicals for operation
  • Jal-TARA Water Filters require minimal maintenance which can be done by an UNSKILLED person